The Sport of Kings

"We believe that Copenhagen Polo Club captures the essence of today's demand for outdoor sports when living in the city."

Copenhagen Polo Club

The first and only official polo club in Denmark is owned and operated by a family of polo enthusiast, determined to share their passion for the oldest team sport in the world.

If you drive just 30 minutes north from Copenhagen, you will find the exclusive Copenhagen Polo Club based at a beautiful private seaside estate. The services include everything from teambuilding events, beginner lessons on friendly school horses, to matches and tournaments for experienced players.

A beautiful place to visit

The historical polo sport runs all year round, with experienced polo staff, well-trained horses, and an outstanding location for anyone to experience this majestic horse sport. The main polo field by the sea is overlooking Øresund with a beautiful view to neighboring Sweden.

Explore or learn to master The Sport of Kings in a great, social and international environment. Like the Copenhageners as well as tourists from all around the world you can spice up the annual company day or add a fun activity to a private party at Copenhagen Polo Club.


Horse polo or simply called “polo”, is a fast-paced, full contact ball sport played on a horseback. There are many variants of the sport include field polo, arena polo, beach polo and even snow polo - but the main rule of the game is that two teams can play with four members each. The teams can be a mix of genders. The main objective of the game is to score goals against the opposing team. By using a mallet, the players can score a goal by driving a small wooden ball into the opponent’s goal.

Copenhagen Polo Club X Nimbus

During the last couple of seasons, we at Nimbus have had the privilege to design a collection of team wear for the polo players at the Copenhagen Polo Club. The outcome of the poloshirt design is represented by the classic white and navy blue colors combined with the familiar burgundy red, known from the Club logo.

We are very proud about the collaboration with this historical and exclusive club, and look forward to keep supporting Copenhagen Polo Club as well as the sport of kings in the future.