Commuting in style

"Comfort and simplicity are key to becoming a well-dressed commuter."

The commuting lifestyle

Commuting in style is all about wearing clothes that both visually and physically feels comfortable to wear when you are on the go. The commuting lifestyle in Copenhagen is a big source of inspiration in our product development. We strive to produce Scandinavian essentials which make you feel confident and well-adjusted - also when commuting.

If you have ever been to Copenhagen, one of the first things you notice is the massive amount of people commuting by bicycle - often on classic and well-designed bicycles and with an overall stylish appearance.

A long tradition

In Copenhagen we have a long tradition for cycling which makes our city rather unique in the world. As a matter of fact, Copenhagen ranks as one of the world’s best cities for cycling. The morning rush hour along Copenhagen’s Queen Louise’s Bridge, with more than 40,000 cyclists passing across the bridge daily, is something worth watching.

We are passionate about the fact that everybody has their own story to tell when they are on the go, and we believe that the choice in commuting style adds to telling this story - just as our clothes does.

The city that made us

The everyday bicycle commuting lifestyle in Copenhagen shows a diversity of different kind of people, who pedal past historical surroundings wearing all from formal business clothing to a casual sweatshirt with a light crossover jacket. Common for the choice of commuting uniform is that it demands an appropriate fit with good mobility, which matches your individual identity.

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